Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm still here and weight loss update

So I have been mia lately.... Phd finals are a bitch... And a lot in band world has happened.

So stress and my band HATE each other! I was stressing over finals and I developed acid reflux and could not keep anything down.. Not even water. I suffered through about every other day like this with many calls to the doc thinking I had a slip, meds, and a lot of will power. Thankfully I am past that now and since the day after my last final- I have not got sick once!!! That's five whole days so far!!

I have lost tremendously since the last post as well.. At 9 weeks post op to the day today I am down around 42 pounds.... Exact numbers only looked at on Saturdays. I am down 4-5 pants sizes and one pant size STARTS with a big fat 1 folks!!! It might be stretchy pants but I have not bought an 18 since I was like 16 years old. I am able to look for closes in the ladies section... Not the women's moomoo section.

I have flown through NSVs including getting below my lowest known adulthood weight of 278 when I was a senior in high school. I feel great. No back pain... First time since having Dixie. I have tons of energy. I cross my legs all the time and love it and the sides of chairs dont push or even touch me in almost every chair I sit at. I can sit Indian style in the floor for hours while playing with Dixie and it never hurts.

These are all great things and I love my ever changing life but this band has been far from easy. When I am stressed i have what I have referred to as forced bulimia. For the rest of my life, I have to gauge the "swallow rating" of every bite and if it does no pass my test it gets spit into a napkin instead of thrown up later. I have wanted a cinnamon roll for weeks but settled for lightly buttered wheat toast this weekend instead. My stomach is so empty all the time that if I drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning especially my stomach acid will curdle it and it will get stuck in the band as curdled milk... Yep it's real... I was so shocked at what I saw in the sink I looked it up and that's a real lap bad issue for some awesome lucky people like me :-/. I almost lost my pants in Walmart... Starting falling to the floor... Had to tie them with a hair tie the rest of that trip... My ring is like 4 sizes to big and I lost it in my purse one day...I was so afraid it feel off in the bathroom or something.

Anyway that's me right now. The doc is impressed with my results and no fill until my weight loss slows down. He is really surprised my hunger is so curved with just the band... I have Zero fluid inflating it right now... Kinda hopes it stays this way... Especially after the episode my high stress caused the band.

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  1. Pics....we want pics! :) So proud of your success!!! No bandster Hell for you!

  2. Congrats on the NSVs! I had never heard of the milk thing, yuck!