Monday, April 23, 2012

The band has accomplished no other could

As I was concentrating on chewing my half full Chinese buffet takeout (only fill it up with little bits) I started thinking about how the band has changed my eating habits. I have developed these weird habits to keep from getting stuck.
-no herbs or onions... I pick them off if I are them.
- I will eat the insides of veges (some) but never the peel... Even cooked
-I cut everything with a knife
-I chew chew chew and if it's still clumpy I spit it out.
-I drink before a meal but not after unless I want an episode that has to be like death...
- I listen to my stomach for stop signals like I am waiting for an announcement about a sale at my favorite store
-I pick items to eat not because they taste good but because I hope it will go down easy
It's not fun. The band has taken my joy of food away. All the things I loved about food are 4 sushi rolls, eating an entire tomato raw, downing 4 Dr peppers in a day, eating sesame chicken, eating in the car, going through the donut drive through....and so on and so on
I can say all of this because my head hunger is gone... I just miss the old me. I have lost weight but not enough to really impact my life and I am in this middle zone of happiness and sadness. One minute I miss the old me- the next I am amazed at how great I feel.
It's just a weird position to be in.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slim down Saturday and Naming of the band

Week 8
Post op Week 6
Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 291.4
Current weight: 285.2
Week's loss: 6.2 lbs
 Total loss: 31.6

This week I kicked weight loss ass! I got in the scale and was shocked. I did not expect it especially since I went to the doc Monday and was told I need to start exercising to loose weight faster!!! He said I should be loosing 3-5 pounds a week.

I was also informed I would get a full next month if I am keeping my food down better... Which this week has been full of nothing but bad food days. I ate nothing Friday and Saturday but liquid and yogurt to calm my crazy ass band.... So dubbed Mercedesbecause I knew a girl in school named that and she was a crazy jealous girl who I apparently stole her boyfriend when I moved to a new town and she made me suffer until I got popular and sicked my possy on her crazy ass. My lapband possy is a 24-48 liquid diet so there!

Anyway.. I have hit the 30lbd loss mark and am thrilled. I weigh less then I did when I met my husband, am noticing being comfy in chairs easier, little to no back pain... And I can see my senior year weight( smallest I remember) around the corner. 278.... I need to take official pics's been a while.

Night all :-)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad Food Day

bleh...I am highly thinking about only eating dinner because any time I eat at work I get matter if I am with someone, at the office, eating out..does not matter.

I made me a very thin crust pizza (homemade) and ate it for lunch..yep sick as a dog AND in class right now.  LOVELY.  Thankfully a bathroom is right across the hall.

Either this talk of stats and looming deadlines OR this food issue will make me irp.

BLEH - Goodnight!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Slim Down Saturday Week 7

Week 7
Post op Week 5
Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 293.6
Current weight: 291.4
Week's loss: 2.2 lbs
 Total loss: 25.4 pounds

This is awesome!  I would have lost more if I would have not gotten familiar with some Easter candy.  BLEH.....still no coke though :-)

I also have a HUGE NSV. On Thursday of this week I fit in my first pair of goal jeans...a 22 - non stretch dress pants.  When I started this 7 weeks ago I was in a pair of 28 non stretchy pants.  WOW.  That is amazing to me.  Today I bought me a pair of khaki capris in that size and I plan on buying my next goal pants and a smaller shirt at the end of this month...A size 18!

So while I am not there yet let me say something about this.

One - I am less than 2 pounds from the 280s.  I have not been there in almost 10 years.  We are quickly approaching a goal that I honestly thought was laughable to get to 2 months ago -- my high school weight of around 278.  At that point I wore a 16-18. 

An 18 shirt and pants...its been around 8 years since I wore clothes that did not start with a 2.  I am having weeks where I loose little to nothing but it only lasts a week here and there but let me state that I am THRILLED at my weight loss.  I am averaging 3.6 pounds a week! 

I have a one month check up on Monday and I am hoping that he will release me not to come back until I need a fill....need to save those remaining 8 visits that I have already paid for.  I dont think I need one now.  I each very little and I am still having issues keeping things down if I do not chew like 100 times.  Getting any tighter would be miserable in my opinion.  It would be great if I stay like this without fills.  I think it contributes to me not drinking carbonation -- but that is just my opinion on the way I feel about my body.  My doc is STRONGLY against soda as well..he made me repeat that I would quit them like 5 times when I scheduled my surgery.

Anyway...need to do a few more paper gradings before I go to bed. -- Storms will be here early in the morning.

Monday, April 9, 2012

"Its not even a Secret"

 I have come out of the lapband closet.  I have had people ask me what I have done to loose weight but I have been pretty picky on who I tell. Well today is 1 month with the surgery so I finally said...who cares..let me be an inspiration since its so noticeable.  Who cares if people have a problem with it.

To my face, I have only gotten positive remarks but I have learned how fast gossip travels.

I live and work in Fayetteville, AR - that is the north part of the state.  I work on our satellite campus for a university hospital in the state.  I used to live and work at the main campus in Little Rock - but rarely if ever talk or see pretty much anyone there but one or two people.  I told one person in LR about my surgery and swore her to secrecy until I was ready. Like a great friend she abided by my wishes and did not tell a soul.

So anyway.....
I was talking to her today and discussing the huge difference in those two pics below and she was like...oh yeah so and so asked me why I did not tell her about your surgery.  I was the hell does she know. I have not seen her...even through video conference in almost a year!  Apparently madame so and so did not want to share her gossip trail but proclaimed "What?  Its not even a secret!"


How many people over the past month have sat around the lunch table in two areas of the state discussing my weight loss?  I thought it was just me and my close friends and family but apparently its an entire college within said university hospital.   Mind you - me and this particular group of people do not get along that well and have a "work history" that is tainted like a bad relationship where your best friend dates your one true love in junior high....YEAH  one of those.


I just can not get over how madame so and so and all these other people know. I tell a few people on my campus and BAM its front page university news. 

All and all I really do not I was prepared for this and I accept it now since I have got past the 20 lbs loss mark but still...nothing irks me more then people who gossip about me....especially those people where we have a tainted past.

More progress with pics

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Progress in pics

So I took a picture this morning with Dixie for Easter and I do see a difference. :-)
1st pic is about three months before surgery and the second is from today- Easter 2012

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Slim down Saturday. Kinda

Week 6
 Post op Week 4
 Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 294.0
Current weight: 293.6
Week's loss: .4 lbs
 Total loss: 23.2 pounds

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman dies of over exertion of taste buds

I knew when getting the band that my life would change.... In numerous ways. Today however, that has really hit home.

I had to go to Wal-Mart to get diapers for Dixie.... Thankfully there is a neighborhood market on the way home. Anyway, I am searching the aisles for something for my hungry husband to eat and NOTHING appeals to me.. I mean nothing. My mind goes trough this weird new conversation like:

Little Debbie brownies yum- eh I don't want to gain weight.

Pancakes-- I really need some wheat flour but I had bread at breakfast

Chicken its my fav - uh no don't want that special kind of stuck hell

Pizza- damn crust

That's fried, that's breaded, that will be too dry...

It went on aisle after aisle. So I decided to make Stephen some tacos. I could eat the insides with no tortilla.

Which leads me to my next life changing moment.. How the list of foods I can't eat keeps expanding.

Bread?? Oh no I can have that.. No problem at all.

Raw veges. Even salsa..that's a big fat stuck episode staring me down. Have I mentioned that I am Southern and used to be known to eat a tomato like an apple!! This no no food breaks my heart like chicken does.

Corn is on that list 2.

I have about decided that the only way to get my veges in is through v8 juice... Which honestly tastes like a rotten tomato to me😂. Maybe the spicy will have a nice... Bloody Mary type flare to it.

Oh and let's not get me started on how my favorite fast food summer drink is now to sweet for me: frozen strawberry lemonade... Or that the hot chocolate with no whip cream and chocolate drizzle I got today had to be watered down because it was to sweet 2.

I guess my taste buds are going boring on me. If I was to ever again drink a Dr pepper, I may die of taste-bud shock! I can just picture that headline posted all over yahoo news now: Woman dies of over exertion of taste buds. Hahah

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