Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slim down Saturday and Naming of the band

Week 8
Post op Week 6
Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 291.4
Current weight: 285.2
Week's loss: 6.2 lbs
 Total loss: 31.6

This week I kicked weight loss ass! I got in the scale and was shocked. I did not expect it especially since I went to the doc Monday and was told I need to start exercising to loose weight faster!!! He said I should be loosing 3-5 pounds a week.

I was also informed I would get a full next month if I am keeping my food down better... Which this week has been full of nothing but bad food days. I ate nothing Friday and Saturday but liquid and yogurt to calm my crazy ass band.... So dubbed Mercedesbecause I knew a girl in school named that and she was a crazy jealous girl who I apparently stole her boyfriend when I moved to a new town and she made me suffer until I got popular and sicked my possy on her crazy ass. My lapband possy is a 24-48 liquid diet so there!

Anyway.. I have hit the 30lbd loss mark and am thrilled. I weigh less then I did when I met my husband, am noticing being comfy in chairs easier, little to no back pain... And I can see my senior year weight( smallest I remember) around the corner. 278.... I need to take official pics's been a while.

Night all :-)

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  1. Congrats on a great week of weight loss :o)