Monday, April 9, 2012

"Its not even a Secret"

 I have come out of the lapband closet.  I have had people ask me what I have done to loose weight but I have been pretty picky on who I tell. Well today is 1 month with the surgery so I finally said...who cares..let me be an inspiration since its so noticeable.  Who cares if people have a problem with it.

To my face, I have only gotten positive remarks but I have learned how fast gossip travels.

I live and work in Fayetteville, AR - that is the north part of the state.  I work on our satellite campus for a university hospital in the state.  I used to live and work at the main campus in Little Rock - but rarely if ever talk or see pretty much anyone there but one or two people.  I told one person in LR about my surgery and swore her to secrecy until I was ready. Like a great friend she abided by my wishes and did not tell a soul.

So anyway.....
I was talking to her today and discussing the huge difference in those two pics below and she was like...oh yeah so and so asked me why I did not tell her about your surgery.  I was the hell does she know. I have not seen her...even through video conference in almost a year!  Apparently madame so and so did not want to share her gossip trail but proclaimed "What?  Its not even a secret!"


How many people over the past month have sat around the lunch table in two areas of the state discussing my weight loss?  I thought it was just me and my close friends and family but apparently its an entire college within said university hospital.   Mind you - me and this particular group of people do not get along that well and have a "work history" that is tainted like a bad relationship where your best friend dates your one true love in junior high....YEAH  one of those.


I just can not get over how madame so and so and all these other people know. I tell a few people on my campus and BAM its front page university news. 

All and all I really do not I was prepared for this and I accept it now since I have got past the 20 lbs loss mark but still...nothing irks me more then people who gossip about me....especially those people where we have a tainted past.


  1. I work in a very close knit department, but our company as a whole it HUGE. Lots and lots of gossip and drama! I have heard a couple things going around about my surgery, but I have always been open about it. Basically, I say EFF madame and her cronies. Haters gonna hate, don't let them have the power by giving a lady bug fart about it.

    You are doing what is right for you! You are getting your life back, you are being healthy for a long life with your daughter.

    People are stupid, you are NOT!!

  2. I decided to tell very few people, and don't regret it. I may later, but the lack of understanding about bariatric surgery here (it's much less common than in the US) means that people tend to think of it as an easy way out, and I decided I wasn't going to justify myself to anyone. Lately, I've discovered that people in my wider organisation who don't even know me have been taking about my weightloss, and asking if I am sick (I look healthy, am definitely not underweight, but I guess I do look different!) and a couple of people at least I am aware of have been wondering if I had an operation. I decided not to let it worry me - it's none of their business and I still don't have to justify myself. I guess the reason they talk about us is firstly, people like to gossip, and secondly there is a certain amount of envy/jealousy or even admiration when people actually do something impressive like lose tons of weight, so I have decided to assumethe best of them - that they are talking about me in the nicest possible way and saying how great it is!