Monday, April 23, 2012

The band has accomplished no other could

As I was concentrating on chewing my half full Chinese buffet takeout (only fill it up with little bits) I started thinking about how the band has changed my eating habits. I have developed these weird habits to keep from getting stuck.
-no herbs or onions... I pick them off if I are them.
- I will eat the insides of veges (some) but never the peel... Even cooked
-I cut everything with a knife
-I chew chew chew and if it's still clumpy I spit it out.
-I drink before a meal but not after unless I want an episode that has to be like death...
- I listen to my stomach for stop signals like I am waiting for an announcement about a sale at my favorite store
-I pick items to eat not because they taste good but because I hope it will go down easy
It's not fun. The band has taken my joy of food away. All the things I loved about food are 4 sushi rolls, eating an entire tomato raw, downing 4 Dr peppers in a day, eating sesame chicken, eating in the car, going through the donut drive through....and so on and so on
I can say all of this because my head hunger is gone... I just miss the old me. I have lost weight but not enough to really impact my life and I am in this middle zone of happiness and sadness. One minute I miss the old me- the next I am amazed at how great I feel.
It's just a weird position to be in.
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  1. I'm sorry that you are in this really sad place. If it were me (this is what I do) I'd have a little taken out of my band, giving me more freedom to choose different foods.
    Then I'd seriously look at my exercise routine. Take accountability that if your band isn't as tight, then YOU have to make better food choices. I rule the band, it doesn't rule me.
    When I get in a funk, I ask myself "What am I willing to do to get where I wanna go?" Then I make a plan. This isn't an easy journey for anyone. Get your head in a better place. MAKE IT HAPPEN! WORK YOUR BAND!

  2. The struggle gets better... I write this as I am feeling super full/almost stuck. I don't eat the stuff that I used to love but what I used to love was killing me. But through this band I have actually found new stuff I love - stuff I used to walk by and say yuck! to. Stuff I would never eat that I enjoy now because it tastes good and Its good for me and my band. I was freaking out a few weeks ago too. It really takes alot of effort to learn to live with the band and still live your life. I agree with Miss Lorie - maybe its too tight? You should be able to eat sushi just not whole and tomatoes too... Im on the flip side of you Im not losing weight as quickly as I d like but I can feel the difference. The happy days will get to be stronger than the sad days - just hang in there and you'll see!