Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman dies of over exertion of taste buds

I knew when getting the band that my life would change.... In numerous ways. Today however, that has really hit home.

I had to go to Wal-Mart to get diapers for Dixie.... Thankfully there is a neighborhood market on the way home. Anyway, I am searching the aisles for something for my hungry husband to eat and NOTHING appeals to me.. I mean nothing. My mind goes trough this weird new conversation like:

Little Debbie brownies yum- eh I don't want to gain weight.

Pancakes-- I really need some wheat flour but I had bread at breakfast

Chicken its my fav - uh no don't want that special kind of stuck hell

Pizza- damn crust

That's fried, that's breaded, that will be too dry...

It went on aisle after aisle. So I decided to make Stephen some tacos. I could eat the insides with no tortilla.

Which leads me to my next life changing moment.. How the list of foods I can't eat keeps expanding.

Bread?? Oh no I can have that.. No problem at all.

Raw veges. Even salsa..that's a big fat stuck episode staring me down. Have I mentioned that I am Southern and used to be known to eat a tomato like an apple!! This no no food breaks my heart like chicken does.

Corn is on that list 2.

I have about decided that the only way to get my veges in is through v8 juice... Which honestly tastes like a rotten tomato to me😂. Maybe the spicy will have a nice... Bloody Mary type flare to it.

Oh and let's not get me started on how my favorite fast food summer drink is now to sweet for me: frozen strawberry lemonade... Or that the hot chocolate with no whip cream and chocolate drizzle I got today had to be watered down because it was to sweet 2.

I guess my taste buds are going boring on me. If I was to ever again drink a Dr pepper, I may die of taste-bud shock! I can just picture that headline posted all over yahoo news now: Woman dies of over exertion of taste buds. Hahah

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  1. I know its so odd the tastebud thing... what did they do scrape them off in surgery? LOL Ok that would totally be a good idea come to think of it. Make all of that fastfood stuff I crave taste bad.

  2. Oh how I miss the Dr. We loved each other for a long long time. I am just one day post-op so I have not noticed my tastes changing at all, but I have heard that is a pretty normal thing to happen. Maybe it is a brain finally getting in gear, with a little negative reinforcement.

  3. My tastes changed a lot after surgery. I used to never like anything spicy...I wouldn't even eat salsa. Now, I love it. Fortunately, I never get stuck on chicken, but I will get stuck on eggs every time.