Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slim Down Saturday - Post Op Week 3

Week 5
 Post op Week 3
 Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 298.0
Current weight: 294.0
Week's loss: FOUR Pounds!!
 Total loss: 22.8 pounds


I can not express how happy I am. I have zipped right past the 20 pounds lost mark and I weigh less now then I did when I met my husband...not much less though.  :-)  The next goal is to be at m high school weight!  It really is hard to take all of this in.  I am still wearing all the same clothes that I have in my closet but I have been able to wear jeans that have been laughing at me since I got pregnant in November of 2009.

I am doing good - learning to chew chew chew and slow down when eating.  I am now on all foods and so I am going to slowly try different foods to see what works for me and what does not.  My head hunger for the past few days has been minimal.  There really is not anything that I am in the mood to eat...just taking it nice and easy and moving on forward.  

Dixie is going to sleep for her nap right now and I have been working on some spring cleaning.  I tried a flour-less oatmeal pancake was not that bad. I will post the recipe and pics shortly on my recipes page that I am going to open up to the public. 

Goals for next week -

Drink more water!!
Take my vitamins nightly.
Get some spring cleaning done.
Start tracking what I eat.

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