Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's almost here and the devil scale

So at midnight tomorrow I go NPO for my surgery. I have been so nervous about it I kinda went Mia on social media for a few days. I am really concerned that I am going to wake up and Dr. S is going to say "sorry your liver was too fatty and we could not put it in"!

I got so worried in fact that I called the doc to talk to them about it. They assured me that if I have lost that much weight 6-10 lbs and eating healthy then the liver is shrinking.

So I'm fine until I get on that damn scale again. No matter what I eat or really what I do not eat, I am slowly gaining back those damn 10 lbs!!

What the hell. I have gained 4 of the 10 back since Sat night. All I am eating is grilled chicken and freaking lettuce. What's the damn deal?

So now I am all freaked out all over again. I swear if my scale did not have a memory of my past weigh ins, I would think I dreamed all last weeks weight loss!!

Aunt flo is all jacked up with me and I thought maybe it was preparing for a camp out at my house but no such tent has been put up yet. Maybe it's the fact that Dixie has been having constant nightmares for the past two nights and to keep her from getting attached to our bed I have slept half of the past two nights in the floor...and I am stressed!!!

I am on (what all the women in my family refer them as) anti- bitch pills which puts me at a calm collected state and the fact that I have a midterm coming up and this surgery shows I have stress even 50mg of Prestiq can't even mellow out.

I have never done anything like this before. Its a whole new life. I will never be this large again! I will see an image of myself in the mirror that I have NEVER met. It's's insane and it's amazing all at the same time.

Jeez he better not tell me my liver is to fatty!!!

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  1. RELAX! Your dr. will do the surgery anyway. I never had to diet before my surgery and I know a few other ones didn't have to either. The only thing I had is nothing to eat or drink from midnight on. Your hormones, and stress are probably making you gain the weight. Hang in there. It will all be over soon!