Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bleh Sunday

Lets just say today was not a good food day for me today!  I wanted to eat everything I saw.  I ate a piece of Dixie's pancake I made her, tried a tater tot and honestly could have ate an entire cheese burger if my husband would have bought the one I wanted for me. 

I am ready for when I have the band and can eat real least then if I want to splurge and eat to get the taste of a nice juicy burger I can...even if it is only part of that burger.  The thought of doing something that makes me not get this surgery really freaks me out. 

I am also thinking about making a google site with recipes that I create during each stage of the lapband experience...liquids, mushys, ext.  Thought that might help people. 

What do yall think??  Is there one already out there?

I need to keep this up and remember these three statements.


  1. hang in there, we all have gone through this.. it will get easier..
    you can add this one to your recipes for mushies : my mom made it for me today, cook chicken breast with a little bit of water with lots of your favourite spice. she then added a bit of fried onion (not just translucent, caramel color kind), add a table spoon of lowfat sour cream and pure, add lemon juice, salt and pepper as you wish, god was it ever yummy.. I could have had the whole thing( well, not really as my band limits me)..

  2. Great idea I totally will be checking it out.