Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slim Down Saturday and New Blog Name

So its SLIM DOWN Saturday for this future bandster!  Today is officially my 8th day on the pre-op diet and the totals are in...I lost TEN pounds. Yep you heard right...ten pounds in one week without the band!

I am so excited.  Today was a whole lot easier then last Saturday - my first day in when I thought I could fry up and eat my own leg if I could be brave enough to cut it off.  I am still having troubles drinking those stupid protein shakes but I bought TONS so I will be suffering through them for a while. 

To commemorate this occasion, I have changed my blog name to the Incredible Shrinking Woman!  Yep - thats me.  :-)  I am living on around 400 calories (today much less) a day and that attributes to the weight loss but its great prep work to what I have ahead for me.

My Mood today - great!!
This time next week - I will be 1 day post op with the band!  Its already paid for..and now I am just waiting for the day to show up!!

Night everyone...I have a big day ahead tomorrow of cleaning, clothes washing, and paper grading.  -- Also hoping to check out my new followers and follow their blogs and do some commenting.


  1. Doesn't that get better everyday? On my first day of pre-op I felt the same way, and a few days later I wasn't even hungry, I couldn't get more than 1.5 of those drinks down( that was on a good day, other days it was only 1 shake), at the end I lost almost 16 pounds. I got banded on the Feb 24th, wish you all the best with your surgery next week