Sunday, March 11, 2012

Working out the Soreness!

So I am trying really hard to work out the soreness from the surgery.  I am feeling much better today then I was yesterday!  I am not taking pain meds like I did yesterday and I got a good amount of stuff done. 

To try to remedy this soreness I got on my elliptical and did 100 very very slow strides.  The point was in no way to take off calories...since I am really not eating anything at all...but more to get this soreness gone a little better then walking will do.

I am also a little concerned about what I am eating....which is pretty much nothing.  The protein shake is a little thick for me right now.  I am pretty much drinking water and trying to get down 2 protein shakes...but so far am not that successful. 

I made some brussel sprouts for my husband and I sucked the juice out of two of those with no problem but I am really concerned about my nutrition.  Tomorrow I am going to go to the store and get some protein powder, and some vitamins.  I want to make sure I do not bottom out. 

I am not hungry at all but I need to make sure I get nutrition to stay healthy. - especially since I have a midterm this Thursday!


  1. Try to water down your protein shake a little if that will help, and good work on the exercise, little bits like that really help at this stage. You are doing great and I good luck on your exam on Thursday :o)

  2. Try a glass of milk. Good for you and NOT a shake.

  3. New follower! Just found your blog - looks like I was banded only 2 short days before you. Looking forward to walking this journey with ya! :)