Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carb counting queen

I am 5 days into my 14 day pre-op diet journey.  I have lost some weight but waiting to post until Saturday to get a week total.  I feel pretty good and I am watching my food and fluid intake like I have never done before.  I am still food journaling on my Food Journal page.

It really is amazing to me how you can feel full off of such little food - but it does go away quickly with no band.... 

I am going to add it as a NSV but yesterday I picked some popcorn chicken up for my husband (my absolute FAVORITE thing from Sonic) and I did not even take 1 bite.

On the down side, I did take a drink of a sprite today but just one drink and then I dumped the rest out.

Anyway...I have my stats class tonight and today was Dixie's first day at her new pre-school so got to get back to the grind. 

Have a great afternooon Band Land!!