Friday, March 30, 2012

Rumble gurgle plop

So I am laying in bed while my daughter goes to sleep and there is this HUGE noise that startles her and makes her sit up. Is it the dog, a car horn, or even thunder???? Uh No, it's my freaking stomach!!! I am not hungry.. Well I don't feel hungry but that thing is making some crazy weird sounds in there. It sounds like someone is wringing it out... Like a diver jumping into a pool of jello PLOP!

Anyway, I tried drinking something warm this morning and it made me feel much better. I don't drink coffee or hot tea so I got some sugar free hot cocoa for those super tight mornings.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and I am hoping for a loss. As usual, I took a peak at my weight on Wednesday but after two days ( wed and Thurs) Of bad food days there is no telling what that scale will say.

I am feeling much more active and am hoping to get a room spring cleaned this weekend... Unless of course we win the Mega Millions and I can hire a maid :-)


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  1. My stomach makes some crazy noises at times is so embarassing if I am at work. If you win the Mega Millions don't foget about us poor people :)