Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slim Down Saturday

Week 4
Post op Week 2
Starting weight: 316.8
Weight last week: 298.0
Current weight: 298.0
Week's loss: a big fat ZERO
Total loss: 18.8 pounds

So while I am bummed about the 0 loss, I totally get it.  I am eating now and going from basically nothing after surgery to least I did not gain!!  I also think I am a weird lap band patient.  I have tried a few different foods and I absolutely CANNOT do cooked broccoli (not even trying raw) but I can do a pancake or even a piece of pizza (well a bite).   In fact, I am sure that the few nights of pancake and egg for dinner is why I did not loose anything.

I feel good and I know what I need to do to work on weight loss next week:
  • Exercise
  • Not eating out
  • No syrup!!!!
  • No syrup!!!
  • I also bought smaller sizes of greek parfait.  I am sure I will be full with it and maybe something else for breakfast...not sure what egg maybe...
I am off to try and do some exercise for a few minutes while Dixie is out riding in the jeep with her daddy.  :-)  

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