Monday, February 27, 2012

My Doc and the Pre-Op diet

So after two days of TORTURE...I decided to look further into the Liver Shrinking diet.  My doctor, who is wonderful but clearly has ADD, told me to follow the pre-op diet in the book (which there was none) but he did say the goal was to shrink the liver.  I looked EVERYWHERE in cyberspace for a diet plan that makes moderate since and is close to liquid only with protein emphasis as I could find.   I decided on this:

The thing that I am most interested in is the 40-50 net carbs a day MAX.  This really helps me to make sure I am in my range. 

Seeing as I normally eat a WHOLE lot more then that and live off of fried foods and Dr. Pepper's I would say the change I am making - even if there is an egg and a piece of chicken here and there is AMAZING!  I have a clear enough head to admit that now.  Yesterday...not so much.

The protein shake is getting much better.  I am adding a 1/4 teaspoon of non sweetened cocoa to them to help give them a better taste. I don't think I will have to do that forever..just while I get used to it. 

My mood - much better today :-)


  1. I am not looking forward to this at all! Cheers to you!

  2. It seems that all clinics have a different approach to the pre-op diet, my particular clinic gave me a very structured diet to follow for 2 weeks before the surgery, but it was mostly just very low carb - it was NOT liquid. My understanding is that that whole goal of it, no matter how you slice it, is to reduce the fat around the liver. Period. So however you approach that it's a good thing. I'm glad you've found a way to make it more palatable - trust me, I'm 8 months post op, and it is worth every bit of sacrifice. Good luck to you!!

  3. Hi Victoria. Heard about you on Lap Band Gal's blog. The preop diet is HELL. I had to follow mine for almost 10 months because of some other issues. (I wasn't perfect, and I could have one real-food meal a day.) Have you tried Torani sugar-free syrups for adding flavor to your shakes? They make the liquid go down a little easier. Also, Isopure makes a carb-free ready-to-drink protein in a bottle that's sort of like Crystal Lite. It has 40g of protein. I've found it at Vitamin Shoppe, and it's also available at GNC. Good luck to you!

  4. New follower here! I am so excited for you as you begin your journey! Best wishes!
    BTW- Lap band gal sent me over :)

  5. I used Pure Protein shakes (the powder) for the pre-op. They are really good and I still have one almost everyday to get that protein in. I had 2 shakes a day and then protein and veggies for dinner. Having one small meal a day really helped me get through it. Good luck!

  6. I loooove Labrada Lean Body Cookies 'N Cream ready-to-drink protein shakes. I know, who would love a protein shake? I tried them all and this is by far my favorite. I'm a year post-op and I still go through about a case a month. It's a great way to get a ton of protein in and a great snack on-the-go. I get them from Vitamin Shoppe. They have free shipping!

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