Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Before Pics

Around Dec 2007 - Engagement Pics - If I remember correctly - I weighed around 290 around this time -- thats 40 pounds lighter then I do now.

2011 - Dixie was around 7 months old I think

Sept 2011 - Weigh in at what I do now..around 330 - in all my fat faced glory

awesome arms...just freaking awesome ---bleh

Right after I had Dixie in Sept 2012 - weighed around 320 or so

Back to work after maternity leave around Nov 2010...really good angle for me..dont let it fool you though...those arms are still there..haha

around the same time...see that was just a really good angle

yep around the same time again

August 2, 2011 - Dixie's 1 year birthday party.

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  1. You are so beautiful! What a happy Mommy, too! Good Luck!!!!